It has often been considered polite to avoid two subjects at family gatherings: religion and politics. Any mention of these subjects would inevitably stoke the ember of a ferocious argument would be unleashed upon the family like a raging fire. Yet, it does not need to be this way; there are simple steps we can all take to discuss politics in a civil manner with one another.

1. Change the Objective of the Conversation

We are often prone to see every disagreement as a personal attack against us; an attack we must repel. Arguments, disagreements are often seen as things…

Election 2020

Politics Used to be My Passion, Now it Only Fills Me with Dread

Image Provided by Matthew Wurm

The flames of political war have enveloped the nation; the war for the White House. Sides have been chosen in this conflict, and they shall fight for their leader through social media, activism, and often shouting over any possible opponent. The war has only grown in intensity as the 2020 election draws ever closer, and frankly, I am exhausted by it; I cannot take one more day of this ludicrous partisan conflict.

My Background

I graduated with a degree in political science with a concentration in international…

Voting Responsibly

Why voters need to research candidates and not rely simply on party preference

We must vote responsibly to preserve the democracy we hold dear. (Image provided by Matthew Wurm)

Differences within Parties

Let me simply get this out of the way; voting along preferred party lines is irresponsible, dangerous, illogical, and detrimental to democracy as we know it. I have heard the same arguments from many people over the years; “DEMOCRATS WANT TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY AND TURN US INTO SOCIALISTS!” “REPUBLICANS ONLY CARE ABOUT THE RICH AND THEIR GUNS!” Obviously I have heard far more from the right and the left attempting to demonize one another; but the truth of the matter is that each party is inherently flawed and neither live up to their promises. The politicians that align themselves…

The price for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition (Image courtesy of PlayStation)

The Playstation 5 finally has a release date! In Sony’s September 16, 2020 PS5 showcase, Sony announced that the PS5 will be released on November 12, 2020 in most major markets, with a rollout to other nations on November 19. It will be priced at $499 which matches the price of the Xbox Series X. The digital edition will cost $399 which is $100 more than the Xbox Series S but does not compromise on performance, it simply lacks an optical disk drive. …

How it Ruined my Night and the Lesson it Taught Me

The night promised to be an illustrious evening that was whatever we wanted to make it. Around us was an immense network of restaurants and shopping that begged to be explored; beckoning us forward to spend every penny we had ever saved in this wonderland that was Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. I was tasked with a simple task, procure a number of key lime pies from Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Bistro at the opposite end of Disney Springs. To accomplish this task, my Father commissioned me with one $50 bill bearing the resemblance of Union General Ulysses S. Grant. I…


This tragedy still haunts me to this day. . . .

The day was warm as the sun shined so brightly down upon us. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore rung in my ear. Peace. As I looked around the beach I saw beauty and joy. Children laughed as they ran into the water, only to immediately run back to shore. I laid next to my best friend, the person who truly gave me the most joy in life. Her and I sat at our little piece of paradise, unaware of the horrors that crept ever closer to us. We shared a blanket, since I once again had…

The first lockdown lead to mass layoffs, a second would cause irreperable damage to the economy

The Disneyland train station lays empty, awaiting for the day it will see visitors once more. Photo by: Matthew Wurm

The Coronavirus Lockdown was an unprecedented event that saw most of the world population under stay at home orders. Although quarantines are nothing new, usually it is contained to a small geographic area. In truth, the rapid spread of a deadly pathogen has been the cause of concern for many years due to globalization; such a spread has been conveyed for years in popular media such as “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, “The Last of Us”, “World War Z”, “Resident Evil”, and many other works. Despite these stay at home orders being enacted worldwide, different nations have seen…

Matthew Wurm

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